About Us

SING is a fresh, convenient, and casual restaurant concept in the Houston Heights serving Asian-inspired dishes influenced by the melting-pot cuisine of Singapore. Join us for lunch and dinner to explore the exotic street foods and rich comfort foods that make SING an adventurous diner’s destination!


“Throughout my life, I’ve had a love affair with Asian food and its exotic flavors and intense spices. When I visited Singapore, I felt like I had reached foodie nirvana.

All of the dishes that I crave from China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Malaysia are now brought together in one beautiful place—SING.”

-SING Founder Jerry Lasco

SING is the vision of founder and restaurateur Jerry Lasco. Over the past 15 years, Jerry has opened and operated more than 20 food and beverage-related businesses across the country under the Lasco Enterprises umbrella. Lasco Enterprises has been recognized as a leader and innovator in the industry over the past decade and his restaurants have won multiple accolades for being the best in the business.

SING is our tribute to Singapore, the great melting pot of Asian cuisine. At SING, we serve our favorite Asian-inspired dishes with the hope that you too will come to crave SING.

SING reflects Jerry’s vision to bring a whole new take on Asian fresh-casual to Houston.